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Texas International Pop Festival

Paul Johnston

Where was the 1969 Texas International Pop Festival (TIPF) held? Lewisville, Texas on August 30 through September 1, 1969 at the Dallas International Motor Speedway (DIMS). Where is the Dallas International Motor Speedway located? Because DIMS no longer exists, finding the former location of DIMS is the key to finding the actual present day location of TIPF.

The main major highway intersection nearest the DIMS/TIPF location is at the junction of East Round Grove/Hebron Pkwy and Highway 35E. See current highway map below. DIMS was oriented east/west and just north of Lakeside Circle. TIPF was located in a strip of land that ran west to east from Hebron Pkwy starting at the Hebron Pkwy/Lakeside Circle intersection. TIPF was on a rectangular strip of land that straddled the north and south sides of the southern part of the present day Lakeside Circle. The northern boundary of TIPF was the part of the straight-away of DIMS and the southern boundary of TIPF was the banks of Timber Creek.

Image courtesy of Map Quest

Below is a 1995 aerial photo of the TIPF area with the outline of the former DIMS and TIPF sites superimposed.

Below is a diagram of the Stage and Crew Compound area.

Image courtesy of James Smith

The buttons shown above indicated the type of passes required to be in that area.

Festival Area

The festival grounds were laid out such that the west entrance end of the field was used as the parking lot for attendees' cars. Then came the admission gate followed by the seating area for the crowd. In the crowd seating area were several towers of scaffolding supporting spot lights. Along the sides of the festival area were vendors. Immediately in front of the stage was the press area for members of the media and media photographers. The press area was separate from the general seating area by a single layer of hay bales running parallel to the stage front. The stage was elevated approximately seven feet. The area below the stage was hidden by a wooden fence painted with colorful artwork. The approximate placement of the stage on the maps was done by memory from the relationship of the stage to the end of racetrack straight-away.

The DIMS straight-away provided the northern fenced boundary line. On the banks of Timber Creek, another fence was the southern boundary for the festival site. One festival worker, James Smith, does not recall water being in the creek at the time of the event. He does recall that the fence along the creek was the first sections to be torn down by the crowds in order to get in for free.

On the east end of the festival field was the backstage/crew complex which was a separately fenced area from the festival grounds. The crew tents were basically 30' x 30' tents, one for serving food and holding meetings and one for a barracks of sorts. The crew camped in the Crew Compound, the area that surrounded the back stage area. Lots of people camped on the festival grounds but no tents or fires were officially allowed, although some fires were going. The free camping mentioned on the festival posters was around the Lake Lewisville area, a short distance away. Many of the crew brought their own tents and they were scattered around the compound grounds. Most slept where they crashed that night...some didn't sleep much at all.

Performers access to the back stage area was made possible by a road southeast of the stage/crew compound area. This road connected to 35E and crossed Timber Creek. Once across the creek, the performers could drive behind the stage area. Performers arrived by car and bus. Led Zeppelin and several others arrived by police escorted limousine. Helicopters were also used after 35E got jammed up. Many of the bands stayed and partied until the roads had sufficiently cleared (around 4 or 5 in the morning) before leaving the site.


Since 1969, enormous changes have take place in the area of real estate where TIPF was located. In 1969, all the present day roads and structures north of 35E and south west of the railroad tracks did not exists. In looking at the 1995 aerial photo, all the business and structures of the lower half of the photograph did not exist. Since 1995, many business and apartments have been added along Hebron Pkwy, Lakeside Circle, Lake Pointe Drive and Waters Ridge Drive. Also, a new dam along Timber Creek has been added which has enlarged the water areas to the north of Timber Creek. A section of water flows southward through the TIPF area that was not there before.

Below is a 1981 topographic map showing the former Dallas International Motor Speedway.

As shown above, the original entrance to TIPF was a road that ran from 35E to the DIMS area. The present day location of the original intersection of this entrance road is about 800 feet south east of the Hebron Pkwy/35E intersection.

Below is a composite map of the 1981 topographic, 1995 aerial photo and DIMS outline and TIPF overlay.

Image courtesy of James Smith

The above composite image shows areas shaded in white and new roads in white that have been added since 1969.


All of the images from topographical maps and aerial photographs on this page are based on information developed by the United States Geological Survey and stored at Terraserver.

How were all these images combined? First, the 1981 topographic map showing DIMS was located and a landmark was pin pointed with coordinates. This image was switched over to the 1995 aerial map that show the DIMS pin pointed location. From the basis of these two images, these images could be superimposed on one another with the aid of a photo editing program like Adobe Photoshop.


Numbered Aerial Photograph

Below are present day ( September 2004) descriptions of landmarks that are around the numbered area shown in the aerial photograph today. The former DIMS outline in yellow and stage area have been left on the photograph. The following descriptions are courtesy of Alan Hewlett presently living near Lewisville, Texas.

#1: This is the intersection of Hebron and Lakeside Cir. There is Homewood Suites by Hilton right where "1" is.

#2: This is now a 7/11 and a Jack in the Box.

#3: Looking towards the bottom and right of the picture (see #7 below), this is all an open field. There is a "grove" of young Bradford pear and Oak trees as you look towards the "7" on the map. For more on this, see #8 below. Across the street from "#3" is the entrance to Emery Bay Apts.

#4: Where the stage was, is still an open field. Looks like it has been part of a tree nursery in recent times (see #8 below).

#5: Tuscany apartments.

#6: Edge Water apartments

#7: Open field, tree nursery.

#8: Starr Turf Grasses company. To the right of "#8" (Southeast) is the old Dallas Nursery. I suspect they are the ones who started the tree farm located around your #4. And by the way, the Dallas Nursery appears to have gone out of business and the land is for sale. Perhaps this means that the actual site of the stage is for sale (??).

#9: Part of a large strip mall. Right above "#9" is a Soup or Salad restaurant, then the mall starts with a Toy 'r Us right across (to your right on the picture) from the Soup or Salad restaurant and runs all the way to a Garden Ridge craft store now occupying the empty lot just to the left of "#8" on the picture. The stage should be directly north (to the top of the picture) of Garden Ridge. In fact, I've been using it as my reference point to locate the stage.

#10: Trinity West Medical Center.

#11: This is a shopping complex with a Target, Sportsman's Warehouse, Ross and Circuit City.

#12: Another newer strip mall parallels the creek. There is a Pei Wei restaurant in there now but the rest are mostly empty shops waiting to be leased. The parking lots for the Target complex and the new strip mall seemed to be coincidentally on virtually the same site as the DIMS parking lot.

Additional stuff:

If you go to the left of "#11", there is a large H.T. Ardinger/Importer warehouse.

If you go to the left of "#12", there is a Honda dealership and to the left of that (west on the picture), there is a Main Event.

One interesting landmark. On the topo map,there is what appears to be and entrance/exit road coming out of the west end of the parking lot, towards the I-35E service road via a bridge. I believe that bridge still exists as Waters Ridge Dr. It connects to an access road right behind the Target complex. I've been using it as another reference.

The entire area of where the DIMS was, is now referred to as Lake Pointe.

Dallas International Motor Speedway

(Historical Information)

The Dallas International Motor Speedway was initially opened in 1969, the year of TIPF. When the track opened it was sanctioned by one racing organization. In 1971, there were heavy rains and repairs to the track needed. Money for repairs was hard to come by. As a result, the track operated under a second sanctioning organization and the track was not as popular. Eventually, around 1973, the track went out of business and was sold to Xerox. The area referred to as "Xerox International."

Because of the flatness of the land occupied by DIMS and TIPF, standing water appears to have been a recurring problem over time. In all the new construction that has taken place on this property, the property has been graded many times and there are no remains of DIMS left. However, the area where the TIPF stage was located is still vacant and knee deep in mud as of September 2004. Because of the water drainage problem, this may be the reason the stage area has not been built over as of yet. Where the stage was located is still an open field. It looks like it has been part of a tree nursery in recent times.

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Special Thanks

Over time, I have been asked where TIPF was held. When I attended, I was riding with a friend and was not familiar with the Lewisville area. Around August 2004, emails were received from James Graham and Alan Hewlett asking if I knew the exact location. This started the quest to find a more specific location than what was given on the TIPF posters. Below is a list of individuals who have provided information to once more locate the exact spot TIPF took place in 1969. Many thanks to these individuals for helping out on this project!

James Graham - for writing to ask about the TIPF location and for his friend who provided location information.

Alan Hewlett - for writing to ask about the TIPF location; for walking the TIPF area to gather present day landmarks.

James Smith - for his having worked at TIPF; providing composite maps and stage/crew compound drawings; providing background information on back stage activities; providing an excellent web site of his memories of TIPF.

Richard Hayner and Susan Khammash - for providing background material; in the process of writing a book about TIPF; providing a wonderful web site on TIPF.

Copyright - 2004 - Paul Johnston