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By From Staff and Wire Reports
Published 09-01-1994


Sept. 1, 1894

"If there is any law providing punishment for the careless teamster who endangers others it should be rigidly enforced," said a prominent citizen yesterday to Round About. "There were yesterday three dangerous runaways in Dallas, and as I am reliably informed, every one of them was caused by the negligence of the driver."

Sept. 1, 1944

A social session of the Texas Legislature has been called here for Tuesday evening, Sept. 12, the day of the state Democratic convention. The Dallas delegation to the Legislature has sent out invitations to members of both House and Senate, including about fifty who were nominated to the Legislature in the recent primaries. Although it is planned as a purely social gathering, some political discussions are expected. There already is talk of an informal conference on plans to revamp the Texas election laws.

Sept. 1, 1969

Lewisville Mayor Sam Houston announced Sunday that he and other city officials "would no longer tolerate" the use of drugs and nude bathing by visitors here for the Texas International Pop Festival. In a prepared statement, Houston said, "We are clamping down on this activity because it is not in the moral interest of Lewisville."

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